A Unique Race
in the World of MTB

19-23 April 2022

2022 Race Registration Now Open!

As we race into the 7th edition of our unique 4Islands event, we are proud to be part of the Epic Series and take this special race to new heights! Kvarner islands are tough; covered with rocks, roots, and all kinds of surprises covering our challenging but beautiful playground. More than 2 000 mountain bikers left their blood, sweat, and tears on the trails as they pushed their limits to claim their finisher medals. We adore bringing you this amazing race and route, and consider it is a privilege to organise. Seeing mountain bikers from across the world revel in our trails is a feeling second to none. With our hospitality, perfect mix of trails and seaside surroundings, we can assure you that the 7th edition of this totally unique MTB race will be one for the history books, and trust us, you want your name written into this history book…








Race where islands are stages, goat paths are trails and the sea plays hide and seek!
Original soundtrack by clicking shifters and coreography by the rolling stones.

4 Different Islands

Experiencing and exploring new destinations is a big part of traveling to races and we are proud to blend the two together by taking you to 4 different routes on 4 different islands!

Raw Beauty

Staged on four separate islands, you will be faced with different challenges each day. Some islands are green while some are partly rugged and barren, almost as if they have an issue to discuss with your tyres! Speedsters will surely get their daily slice of cake, but might skip the dessert at the technical sections; while the rest of you will get an emotional high inside the web of singletrack. In short, there is something in it for everyone.

Rock the Boat

Some mountain bike races are unique, but only one can boast that its riders start the race from the deck of a floating behemoth!

Those who have taken part in 4Islands before, know what a crazy experience it is, and to new riders – we welcome you to experience it for yourselves.

Teams of two

The 4Islands is a MTB stage race for teams of two riders.

Teamwork comes to the fore as both riders in the team are required to remain together throughout their time on the route.

Each morning, teams set off and will have to overcome any obstacles in their path, together, if they are to claim their finisher medals.

Qualify for the Absa Cape Epic

The Epic Series is a global portfolio of best-in-class mountain bike stage races, and is launching its first race in the Croatia . Expect nothing less than world-class riding and unmatched on- and off-bike experiences, and a chance to qualify for the pinnacle race: The Absa Cape Epic.